The Weeknd- MDM

By: Jimmie Sykes


The Starboy is back to his old ways with his latest drop “My Dear Melancholy.”

I’m going to start this post off saying thank you, Abel.

Throughout my first listen of the album, I just felt the House of Balloons feel. The vibe was classic, the lyrics were cut and clear. It was all just the perfect feel for what we needed. Plus, the man threw me an assist, if you’re really catching my drift.
(Auto correct made me call him the weekend on twitter, shame on them.)

I liked “Starboy,” the Weeknd’s 2016 drop. It was something different, not really similar to his classic drops. This right here is dark side Weeknd though. The album is only six songs, so it can make for a quick and easy listen. You got 22 minutes to spare, right?

The lyrics were simply hot. This man said:

  1. “I’ll come to put myself between your lips, not between your heart.” (Hurt You ft. Gesaffelstein) 
  2. “What makes a grown man wanna cry? What makes him wanna take his life? His happiness is never real, and mindless sex is how he feels.” (I Was Never There ft. Gesaffelstein) 

That’s enough of that though, just do yourself a favor and tune in.

The album is kind of hard to explain to me honestly, it’s like a “back to the roots” album, yet a new sound behind it. There was no commercial feel to this album. With contributions from the likes of Skrillex, and Gesaffelstien, you know he was up to something with this drop. The Toronto star is back on that bullsh*t! It’s safe to say.

I posted the album below so if you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re welcome.


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