$noop- Intro

By: Jimmie Sykes


$noop dropped his latest visual “Intro.”

For those of you who ain’t on $noop yet, he’s ready to make his splash.

$noop just released a fresh, new visual for the intro to his upcoming tape “Extended Plays”. The track was produced by DCMIX and the visual was shot by CFilms.

He put it all on the line with his latest release and I see good things coming to $noop. Don’t get him confused though, because $noop doesn’t spend much time on social sites. He got plays to make daily, it’s different on his end. Hence the title of his first major project, “Extended Plays”.

Right now, his main focus is to remain level-headed and stay consistent with his work. $noop has an upcoming show in a month and a half. This will be his first show. It’s falling in place for him, and he’s not going to look back this time. It’s always been mad respect for $noop because he is the definition of “stay down until you come up”. 

“Baby it’s stripes on my Timberland think I’m a Wolverine like I’m from Michigan. Came up myself, naw it wasn’t no mentoring”

Give $noop a spin or few, and keep his name in mind! It’s falling in place at the right time for the young bull.

For more songs of $noop, his soundcloud link is posted below as well.


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