Growth vs complacency


John C. Maxwell

That feeling of growth is nothing better. That feeling of finally learning something is nothing better. Everything about some type of positive growth in life is nothing better.

Going through growth while fighting complacency, a lot of people will come and go and thhe right or wrong have the chance to stick around, thoughts will fade or become stronger, ideas will be put to use or to waste. It’s a day to day battle to find our balance, our purpose. Just as quick as you can gain sight, you can lose it.


A lot of times people of stick around other people due to being complacent. You can’t get anything off the ground with your friendship because you’re too comfortable.

You and your buddy could be somewhere making it happen, but you’re too comfortable with sitting on the couch politicking about nothing. Build a plan put it to action.

There are three types of people in my eyes:

  1. Those who make it happen
  2. Those who watch it happen.
  3. Those who have no clue on what’s happening.

Complacency can be a silent killer for us. It’s nothing but the love and the comfort of being stagnant. Water your growth the rest will follow!

Water your growth the rest will follow!


In your life it’s highly likely that you will outgrow many people that you love. As long as there is still some common ground somewhere, it’s all love.

If you’re sitting complacent you have to cut it loose. Sometimes I’ll have a week full of accomplishments, next week I’m still sitting in the same place. Just the struggle to finding the balance. It’s something any of us can struggle with.



One thing about misery is that it loves company. Some people will stick to you but it’s only a certain side of you. If people can’t accept you for what you’re as a whole, move around. A lot of people will stick around to get that piece of you that is beneficial for their “growth”.

A lot of things won’t grow for you if you’re too comfortable in it. You can’t get to millions when you still banking on petty change. That’s just not how it works.Β There’s no faith without work. You can’t just say you’re going to do something effective then put nothing towards it.

In a place where there is no light, there is no growth! Remember that. There’s no one passing you the light, don’t go looking for a handout, go chase it.

We are more complacent than we know and show.Β  Never stay complacent in a space where the is room for improvement.


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