Do it For Your Last Name




Your time here will come and go, but your last name is something that will be passed down until the end. Do something that will last for multiple lifetimes. Leave an impression on somebody that can go beyond the surface.

Do something that will make them remember you forever. Pass something down to the next person that they can teach others they encounter. A little can go a long way.

If it won’t matter five years down the line, ease up out of it. All the unnecessary drama, bad habits, just anything holding you back. Even in the midst of the mess, you got to learn to look past it. It’s always a bigger picture to focus on.Β Wealth, clothes, and other materials will all come and go in your life, impact is here to stay. If you made your mark on someone/something, how can they ever forget you?

You’ll never know who you can inspire today. One way to make a way is to make a way. I hope you took that line the right way.

Some people are so poor that all they have is money and status. People are seeking money and status without exercising their platform to make ways. There were days when I didn’t have a dime but in my mind I hold riches. Riches that I’m willing to give back to those I can help. No gimmick, that’s the real me.

I’m choosing impact over income any day of the week. The money you see don’t mean much to me. Life brings humbleness through the experience of having it all and losing it all. We must get back to being genuine, love conquers all and our egos tear us apart.


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