My Data Visualization Project

This data represents something that often get mixed up with each other a lot. Sports vs. Politics. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, two of the reigning NBA champions from the Golden State Warriors. Donald Trump called them out for not showing up to the traditional meet and greet after their 4-1 finals win.

While some can call that a classless move, it has it reasons just like everything else does. It’s good that people like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are speaking out for the unjust in America. There’s a lot going on out here and many situations that receives little light.

Donald Trump could get on Twitter as the President and cause division in both the twitter world and the real world. You can’t fault an individual who chooses to stand against it. That is basic human right, to

Sports and politics can make for a good or bad mix, no in between. It’s good to hear players speak out but often times the problem goes wrong, the media portrays it wrong. This causes ratings to go down and all opinions to take off.

My data visualization word cloud is significant because in the middle of the chart shows Trump in the largest font there is. This is significance to him being the center of attention, or the root of the issue at hand. There was some clash between him and the players but I think there’s bigger problems on everyone’s plates now. If the Warriors win another ring, maybe this will start up again? Who knows…



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