Barbershop Talk

In the latest edition of Barbershop talk on Paper.Li, the latest basketball news surface the front page.

Front page content updates daily, and it is very convenient to those that keep up with basketball. Whether it’s NCAA or NBA, Barbershop Talk covers it all. On my front page, you will find recent stories of developing players around the league. That just might be my favorite part of my online newspaper.

When I look into my content on my newspaper, I find information that I never knew about. This is a resource that should be useful to all those who come across my Paper.Li. It gives you content on stories that wouldn’t even cross your mind regularly. It’s all for good cause.

For example, two stories I read made me look at how I analyze basketball players. Most of the time, certain craft goes unnoticed, and you wouldn’t even think about a player because his market isn’t big enough. Or he simply isn’t “that guy” on his team yet. Meaning that he isn’t the best player. When you throw in stats by those who did they research, it makes you want to do your research as well.

That’s the good thing about information, the research is always there to help you do your own sort of research. The more you know about something, the more it is to talk about. That is what news is here for. I hope my Paper.Li can enlighten sports fans like it enlightened myself.


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