Forcing 6


With five games in the books for the 2016 finals, are you not entertained? This series is on pace for a major turn around with the Cavs narrowing the series to 3-2. Even though the Warriors are in complete control of this series, Cleveland still lives to fight another day. What we have here is what the NBA Finals is supposed to come down to: Two of the best teams battling it out with one thing on their mind, the Larry O’Brien trophy.

This series started off one-sided all in favor of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors capitalized early starting the series 2-0 and Draymond Green was looking like runaway MVP with fantastic support from his bench unit. Amidst the strong start from Golden State, Cleveland has won 2 of the last 3 games in this series. The igniters for the Cleveland victories has been the leadership of LeBron James and the dynamics of PG Kyrie Irving. Last night, the duo became the first teammates to have 40+ points each on the grandest stage of them all. Facing elimination, LeBron James went off for 41points, 16rebounds, and 7assists with Kyrie’s 41points and 6assists. The duo steered this desperate Cavs team to a 112-97 victory at the Oracle on the arena.

The suspended Draymond Green had to watch his team lose from the Oakland Athletics luxury box yesterday. His defensive presence was missed terribly by this Warriors club, as Cleveland shot 53% in Game 5 on the road. He must make better choices for himself and his team, especially in a game where you can potentially close out this series in five games. Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring with 37points, 26 of them coming in the first half. Golden State shot an ice cold 3/21 from the 3-pt line in the 3rd quarter, ultimately only scoring 36 points in the second half. LeBron James was the story of Game 4 after a poor 4th quarter performance, now for Game 5 unanimous MVP Steph Curry didn’t show up in the 4th after a 38 point outing the game before. Curry finished with 25 points on 8-21 shooting. He hasn’t been looking like himself with a rollercoaster finals performance. Consistency is something that is needed from the MVP to seal the deal for his team.


For Cleveland, Kyrie Irving has been locked in the past three games. He has been killing the MVP in the point guard matchup, and any defender in his way Irving will make them pay. Irving is showing everyone that he’s the best ball handler in the league, creating separation from defenders with his lethal skills and creating offense for himself. This is what he does best, averaging 28.2 points on 48% shooting. LeBron James has been his usual solid self, averaging 28points, 12rebounds, and 8assists. The two of them is doing all they can to carry this team but this style of play isn’t sustainable, other players must step up to the plate and help. More is expected out of Kevin Love, who is struggling tremendously to find his rhythm in the finals. With his injury in game 2 and his lack of touches, Love has been virtually invisible in this series.

This is a 3-2 series with a lot of basketball left to play. Cavs may fall in six, or they just might take it to seven. Who knows. One thing for certain is Cleveland is heading back to the land with one thing on their mind, forcing a pivotal game 7. Draymond is back and the Warriors are hoping to click as one to finish this team off on the road. The fans are getting a treat and all we can do is stay tuned.


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