Window closed in Chicago??


With 9 games left in the season and the Bulls falling below .500 for the first time in 6 years, is it fair to say that everything has come crashing down in Chicago? I for one say yes it is. Chicago is 2.5 games out of the playoffs sitting at 10th in the Eastern conference. While I watched at roughly 98% of the Bulls games this season I saw a team that looked lost. No leadership, no fight within whatsoever. There was even speculation that this team had no faith in coach Fred Hoiberg at all. Chicago had some big wins this season and even more pitiful losses.

This past Sunday the Bulls held a team meeting to straighten things out, but on Monday lost a rollercoaster game against Atlanta 102-100. It’s hard watching a team that was #1 seed pre-Derrick Rose injury that used to play with that heart and intensity that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the NBA. That heart and intensity resided in C Joakim Noah, who was forced to take a bench role this season. With Butler’s emergence, Rose contract year coming up, and having an aging Pau Gasol this organization needs to figure out what’s next.

Butler is only 26 and Rose is 27, and these guys have a lot of young pieces that can still contribute for the future such as McDermott, Portis, and Mirotic. As far as GarPax goes, lets hope that they address the issues that this team is facing andΒ  build us back up to the contender we used to be. Even further past that honestly. Otherwise, their services won’t be needed as well.


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